Hiking the width of France – the Haute Route Pyrenean – Stage 1 Hendaye to Lescun ( 165k in 5 days)

So, avid blog readers may remember I hiked part of the haute route Pyrenean last year (a.k.a the Pyrenean High Route or the HRP). I loved the sections I did, and part of me also wanted to do the full traverse of the width of France (having done the lengthwise traverse a few years back),

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Absorbing Armenia

I visited Armenia and Georgia in 2011, and I loved it – the modernist architecture, the nature, the food and the monasteries. I didn’t spend as much time in Armenia as I would have liked, so am back with hubby* in tow to do a longer easter tour, and we will pop by Tbilisi while

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Date weekend in Krakow

Steph and I had a lovely pre covid tradition of trying to increase his country count by having a monthly date weekend in a new European country.  Our favourite visits were those where we could experience the dual culinary delights of a Michelin starred dinner of local cuisine AND an exceptional hot dog van.  (Highlights

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Cross country in Crete

Enjoying hiking is all about weather, planning and flexibility. On Monday when I checked the forecast for my Thursday hiking trip to the Picos de Europa in Northern Spain, I was surprised to find a forecast for minus 5 temperatures and snow. Um, no thanks. I cancelled my flights (got a voucher), cancelled my fully

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Dawdling around Durmitor

After the epic mountains of Bosnia, I was very keen to check out the durmitor national park across the border in Montenegro (having hiked the lovely southern Prokletije mountains in Montenegro last year when doing the peak of the balkans trail). I flew to Podgorica and rented a car to drive to the mountain town

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Backpacking in Bosnia

I loved the Peaks of the Balkans trail which I did last October, so having done some research I have decided to section hike the Via Dinarica – an extraordinary 2000 km trail that starts in Slovenia and passes through Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and on to Albania. I have a week and am planning to

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