France Gr5/55/52

Gr5 – Merci Le Francais

Je dois poster au moins une fois en français pour mes compatriotes adoptés!  J’ai passé un moment extraordinaire sur le gr5 /55/52, non seulement parce que les Alpes sont extraordinaires, mais aussi parce que je suis bénie à chaque tournant par la bonté des inconnus. Remerciements spéciaux à : – Manu et Ben qui m’ont « récupérée

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Gr5 Day 12 – Into the Inferno

A lovely 6am still start after a rough night with snoring bunkmates and loud neighbours! I climbed the 1000 metres up to Col de Crousette in blissful solitude, interrupted only by five curious sheepdogs who came to check I wasn’t trying to steal a sheep. After the Col there was a challenging path up the

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Gr5 Day 11 – Hiking poles!

Hiking poles are useful in the mountains for a variety of things – today including being my lip sync mike, my drumsticks and my dancing batons, and maybe lightening catchers  Up and out of the Gite by 6am but I really wasn’t feeling the groove.  My body is holding up ok, although I am having

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Gr5 Day 9 – I am no goat

Dear bosses of French paths,  I am not a goat.  I admit I may have the stubborn tendencies of a goat, but I don’t have the balance or the small feet.   So why the hell are you expecting me to walk down a path that was clearly designed for damn goats.  Sort this sh!t

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Gr5 Day 8 – Hot stuff!

I woke up early in Montgenevre and hit the road by six without breakfast as there was no supermarket and the hotel wouldn’t feed me before 7.30.  It was a relaxing 12k walk into the beautiful town of Briancon (alas no pics as it was too early and everything was in shade).   I was

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