Kungsleden day 12 – face plant

After a glorious night sleep I left tjaktja to head down to the alesjaure river. It was a divine sunny morning. I made good time to alesjaure hut 12k away at the head of a delightful series of lakes

After fortifying myself with coffee, a whole packet of biscuits and a bar of chocolate I meandered down the side of the lakes enjoying the views of the sun reflecting in the water. Lots of less energetic hikers take a boat to avoid walking this part of the trail to save time, which is a shame as it is one of the more stunning parts

After the lakes, there was a pretty boring rocky section for 5-6k. I rolled my ankle here, ouch! Then about 30 minutes later I tripped and landed on my face. I have an impressive graze on my chin. I felt something in my mouth and was worried I had knocked a tooth out (Kazakhstan all over again) but fortunately it was just a rock! I think I am a bit tired which is when I stop concentrating and start tripping over.  

I did pass by the amusing meditation platz (place).  At first i thought these were sign posts to an actual place called meditation, but no there are dedicated meditation areas all along the trail – very cute

I arrived at abiskojaure hut at 4pm, too early for me to stop normally but I didn’t fancy another 15k on the ankle. I sat in the sun and had dinner no. 1 – couscous, salami, chocolate, chips and marzipan cake. 

 Then I went and had a sauna. I wish all countries put saunas in their huts – it is the ultimate luxury even if you have to chop the wood. I am even getting used to naked people.     I didn’t think I smelt too bad, but did realise after I had cleaned myself how honking my tshirt was. Oh well – just one more day until clean clothes
I settled back down at a table in the hut for dinner no 2 – chicken korma and more marzipan cake, and had a chat with a Finnish artist and a lovely swede who has lived in NZ. There are a few too many people in this hut for my liking but it is nice to sleep on a bed

the sauna at abiskojaure

Distance travelled – 35k from tjaktja hut to abiskojaure hut

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