January 2017

Palau – kayaking the Rock Islands

Palau – the worlds best diving and super friendly people at the heart of Micronesia…….. Palau is an interesting place….if all you ever saw was the main street of Koror, you would think you were in some dodgy craphole.  All but the extraordinarily expensive tourist hotels are little more than grubby doss houses, largely catering to […]

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Micronesia….Yap yap yap

Yap is one of the rare places in the world where instead of going to on a tour to ‘see what life used to be like in the traditional culture’, you can walk around the island and experience the traditional culture alive and kicking…… go now while you still can.  Boarding the flight to Yap

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South Korea – 23 hours in Seoul

Convoluted layovers used to really annoy me….. I still don’t love them but I have learnt to better exploit the opportunity to spend some time somewhere interesting.  As part of my 51 hour trip to Yap in Micronesia I spent a lovely 23 hours in Seoul.  Blissful! Seoul is a fantastic town and you can

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