Liberia – Being a bad tourist

We had three silent children observing us for an hour eating breakfast and packing the truck this morning from our roadside bush camp. They were irritating one of the passengers, but I imagine I would go stare too if a bus load of foreigners turned up and camped in a park near my house. Worse,

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Sierra Leone to Liberia

We had a restful night roadside and were up and eating bush porridge by 7. My tentmate and I are now masters at packing up and breaking down our tent – 15 minutes in total. We headed off, 30km to go to the border. The sat nav said 35 minutes. The two first trucks we

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Sierra Leone – Disco camping

None of us slept particularly well last night.  Our campsite in Bo was a hotel compound.  Some of us pitched on the tennis court where there was more space.  My roomie and I opted for the covered roof terrace, which was cramped, but meant we didn’t need the tent fly and would get some air.

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Overlanding 101

November 15, 2016 Yesterday was the first day of my first group tour ever!   I have never signed up to travel with strangers before, mostly as I am happy to do my own thing at my own pace, so it will be an interesting few weeks. I am overlandingwestAfrica.com from Freetown, Sierra Leone to

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