Guinea – visiting a spiritual vine bridge 

We went to visit a vine bridge of spiritual significance! Our guides Philippe and Z took us on a gentle hike to the river in the scorching midday sun and we had a chat about life.

Vine bridge
Z is the local chiefs son, is 18, already has two kids and it won’t be long before he is running the village. The bridge is incredibly important to the village but when I asked for details Z said he couldn’t explain. I suspect because it isn’t babu’s business. 
I was bored waiting for everyone to cross back over the bridge so started running back and forth along the trail, and managed to get my 5k run in for the day, albeit in the stinking sun. I felt a bit sorry for Steffi who had to sit next to me on the truck on the way back to town, but I apparently wasn’t the only smelly one! There are a couple of serial stinky offenders on the truck. All of us get a bit whiffy from time to time, but most of us scrub up and launder in towns. However not everyone is willing to invest in doing the laundry and the rest of our noses are paying the price.

Cats in the supermarket

We stopped in town again for cook group shopping, and a couple of us managed to scrounge up some internet for free, piggybacking on someone’s phone. It has been two weeks and i have only had patchy internet for three days in total. Apparently Fidel Castro died a week ago and I have just figured it out (for those of you who wonder about the posts, I upload them when I have Internet and schedule them to post every day or so). It is actually quite delightful to not know what was going on in the world, and of the 90 emails I picked up this morning only about 6 were important.

I didn’t get to eat here 🙁

Jason has to fix the truck this afternoon, so the cook group won’t start cooking until 7pm and therefore dinner is planned for 9pm. I invested the €5 to have steak frites and pepper sauce at 7pm and go to bed early. Heading to Côte d’Ivoire tomorrow


Nzerekore December 1, 2016

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