Demons exorcised! – Swimming in Docklands

For those of you who read and wept at my catastrophic tale of coughing up my lung in my first half ironman attempt….., I am delighted to announce (am so ridiculously and disproportionately proud that it is just stupid) that I got back in my wetsuit and in the water this morning and did an easy 1.15k swim!   It was freezing (14.8 degrees) at the Docklands open water swimming venue, and there were very few hardy souls out swimming with us.  I was nigh on kakking my pants about getting into the water, but once I was in and once I overrode my brains rational refusal to put my face in the water, it all went very well!.   We went slow and steady and it was easy!  I wasn’t even that bothered about ingesting whatever grot was in the Thames, and not being able to see more than 10 cm in front of my face in the water, nor the fact that I didn’t know how deep it was.   It was also mildly amusing seeing the shocked looks of passers by that we were actually getting in the water!

Big ups to LB for joining me this morning, neither of us really wanted to be there, which is clearly a great indicator of why we should all have training partners for extra motivation.    I was tremendously grateful for her gentle but pragmatics urgings just to get my face in the water!

Big thanks to all of you too who have reached out and cheered me up on this!  I am totally fine with failing things every now and then, as it least it means the things I am trying to do are hard.

Now I just have to figure out how to persuade my husband to let me sign up for another half ironman this summer :-), and get LB to join me.   If anyone else wants to join us, we are thinking about Vichy on August 27th – the more the merrier.

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