Border Bullsh!t

May 5, La Grande Barrier, Goma Gisenyi

I struggle to understand what turns reasonable human beings into dictatorial a-holes when given a uniform, a badge and a position of power.   Upon arriving at the Rwandan border this morning, the guard threw my NZ passport across the desk when I said that I hadn’t requested an online visa and said I wouldn’t be allowed in.  Now anyone with five minutes and internet access can read the rules for Rwandan visas, and kiwis are 100% allowed visas on arrival, and I had been given one only six days earlier when landing in Kigali airport.  He still didn’t believe me when I showed him the stamp in my NZ passport.

Thank goodness for her Majesty the Queen letting me be a citizen. I told the obnoxious self important tw@t that I had had a change of heart and decided to become British, and he decided (after checking the names were the same in both passports) to let me in on the UK passport.  This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, also has occurred in Venezuela, so for those of us from smaller countries, perhaps best to bring a print out of the official rules, as you shouldn’t expect friendly border staff to know


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  1. Hey Mel loving reading your posts on the different categories on your travels very interesting and entertaining i must say.Keep them coming.I did enjoy the post where Ma and Pa were with you with trying to keep Pa under control ha ha very entertaining i must say.Excellent reading ,Sue xxx

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